Jim Coda

After too many years of being the radio nomad across the country and back, came to Colorado in ’99 to help somebody launch a station in Colorado Springs and within the first weekend realized I was never leaving. I LOVE this place! I can get on my Harley and ride the Rockies in about 10 minutes from my home. World class fishing any afternoon I wanted and I can sit on my deck and look at Pikes Peak shining in the sun while drinking my morning coffee. Have raised my kids here and some of them are working on their kids now.
In Colorado Springs, helped launch 103.9, did mornings for a few years at 99.9 and then a long stretch in afternoons at 98.1. From there it was National Radio again at Westwood One in Denver and Local Radio Networks. Since the 2009 recession, radio sucks. Corporate programmers telling us what to do with less people to answer to more executives and less freedom to rock. Add to that, all the out of state voice tracking meant hardly anybody “on the air” even knows anything about our state. Sometimes I even wonder if they can find Colorado on the map.
LOVE getting up into the hills, but every time I did, radio goes away. The stations that are there are weak, voice tracked from out of state and have no range if you are cruising the hills. So why not put together a Rocker that you can get from anywhere in the state – Plays killer music and even plays the struggling local artist that Corporate radio will never play? Welcome to “The Rocker” on Right Now Radio! Glad you are along for the ride … tell your friends and let’s have some fun and build something HUGE!

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