Where do we start???

If you live in Colorado, then you know that the radio in our beautiful state is spotty at best. Anything west of the Front Range is automated and voiced from people that do not live or particularly care about our state, if it is there at all! If there is radio, it is anything but local, the commercial breaks are massive, and they are programmed by corporate bean counters that do not even live here. Probably not even in the state. Some of this can be expected. As much as we love our mountains, they do not play well with radio signals.

So, we get Corporate decided programming that have to play their commercials, the local broadcasters that need their commercials and with the expense of all the equipment…they will play 6 to 10 minute commercial breaks 2 or 3 times an hour just to pay their bills while having little to no control over what is even being played. Well… we decided we have had enough.

With current technology, we can be local radio for ALL of Colorado! We can keep up on what is going on. Keep you informed and entertained and still pay attention to the small towns and businesses that make-up the true caricature and charm that is Colorado. And best of all, make it entertaining and accessible to everybody, anywhere in Colorado… Even you!

We’re new, we are growing, and we want to know what YOU would like to be a part of the latest evolution of Colorado Radio, Digital Radio – Right Now Radio – for Colorado and the World!

Rock On!


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