Allen matthews

I popped out a California Coast-Kid but have been Colorado home-grown since the first time seeing the mountains. Music has been an intricate part of my family’s life and there’s no better place to hear the notes loud and clear than in The Rockies. All types of music speak to me but rock is the first genre that broke me out of a normal existence and introduced the path I’m on now. Radio has always been a safe haven struggling through the years so it only made sense to immerse myself in it when the opportunity presented itself. I worked for Flo 107.1 for a couple years at the same time as running Mile High Underground for three years, truly an amazing experience. Now I couldn’t be happier doing the week-day morning hours on The Rocker! If you can stand my twisted sense of humor I’ll get you thinking, so if you want to talk catch me in the mornings or hit me up on The Rocker’s Facebook page @ColoradoRocker!

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