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To be a professional musician takes a love and dedication only a few of us have to make it. We at Right Now Radio and JCN Media hear you out there and are committed to getting you heard. Corporate Radio needs big money and record labels sucking up to them to play their work. Well, we are not Corporate Radio and encourage you to enjoy and support them as well. If you like what you are hearing and want to hear more, e-mail us an tell us which band and track you want to hear more of...

Drug UnderA Denver based hard rock act featuring singer and actor Christopher C. Romero

Last Band On Earth –  Colorado Springs based rockers with not only some international success but one of  the coolest nightclub shows you will ever see 

Messer BandBased in Dallas – The Messer Band is becoming a go-to opening act for many national rockers

VooDoo Hawks –  A Colorado Springs favorite, this is a “must see” show if you have the chance

Nocturnal TomatoesAlice Cooper called them, “..the best independent band out there..” in 2010.