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Who Are We

  As huge music and radio fans, we noticed there have been a number of things that have developed over the last 10 years or so that have become really bothersome. Think I first noticed this driving from North Denver to Colorado Springs. Listening to a Classic Rock Station out of Ft. Collins playing a Pink Floyd song. As I head through Castle Rock the signal fades so on the south end of Castle Rock, I tune to a Classic Rock station from the Springs. Same Pink Floyd song! These stations owned by the same big corporation where playing the same play-list! When the Jocks DID talk, they were generic 20 second bad attempts at trying to be funny and I realized that in the hour plus drive, none of these big Corporate stations ever mention the city they are in let alone anything about Colorado. Of course they didn’t, they are not here! Then coming over Monument Hill a commercial break began. It was nearly to the Air Force Academy North exit before the commercials stopped! Oh my GAWD! Is all that really matters to these people is how many commercials they can get away with playing?!

        When heading into the hills of our beautiful state, I have noticed there are few to no stations for the mountain towns. The simple fact is, if these towns want to spread the word that they are there and have some very cool things to offer, they have to come down to the front range, pay a huge price and hope they are getting their word out as agreed. And that price is out of reach of 90% of the businesses there.

        Sitting around talking about this one night we thought; How cool would it be if someone could put together a station that focussed on Colorado? Let these small towns promote themselves for free, play a cool music selection and when they did have staff on the air, they paid attention to Colorado? 

        So what kind of music do we play? That debate went on for days. As most of us have a background in Rock, that was the direction it went… but what kind? Then it dawned on us… why pigeon hole ourselves? If it rocks, let’s play it! There is a huge community of very talented musicians in the state that these corporates stations will never play, so this station should!  And if the local music gets enough support, let’s play it like any other group.

        After some research and too many favors from industry friends, we found a music system and Right Now Radio was born! We figured the worst that could happen was we would have a radio station of sorts that we could listen to at anytime and not get bored or pissed off at it. If you are enjoying it, COOL! If you have any ideas, let us know. In the meantime, Rock On!